My Dogs

GEORGE: George is one of the typical nondescript black and white collie-ish dogs who fill animal shelters up and down the country. He was picked up as a stray in Rhyl, North Wales as a 5 month old pup back in 1996. His first home with a sedentary retired couple did not work out, as his boredom and frustration led to some serious damage to their home. Since I took him in at a year old, George has relished the outdoor life, and his behaviour problems have been a thing of the past for a long time- in fact he has been a useful stooge dog in my behaviour work for many years. Unfortunately old age has curtailed his activities recently.

BROWN DOG: Brown Dog is another recycled re-homing dog. She was hard to place as she is highly energetic and intelligent, and will make her own entertainment if none is provided! I originally only intended to foster her, but quickly realised she would thrive on fell running. By then she was already known as Brown Dog, although it has been pointed out many times she isn't really brown.

PEDWAR: Pedwar means 'no 4' in Welsh. He came from GRWE kennels in 2006, having been removed from a place where he was badly neglected. Although physically healthy, his mental deprivation means that he can become anxious at times, showing displays of threat-aversive barking. But with constant updating of his social desensitisation, he lives a very good life. He doesn't like to run as far as Brown Dog, but will, if in the right mood, play with toys and, given the opportunity, help himself to any available foodstuffs and prime sleeping locations.

ERNIE: Ernie is another rough-coated lurcher from GRWE. His early history is also unknown, but he probably got too lively as he was handed in at the typical adolescent stage. He was also too lively for his first home after rescue kennels, but with enough exercise he's an easy dog. He can sleep for hours in his favourite comfy armchair.